Kenova believes that strongest trump in every company are people. Our employees have experience in various areas such as marketing, organization, administration, web and design and many others. Every day we share our knowledge and experience in order to create new value for our and our partners businesses . Our employees are carefully chosen from the large pool of applicants. Our team is made of young and enthusiastic people who strive to perfection which requires constant improvement, and that is why we continuously educate our employees. 

Danka Okiljević

CFO & Operations director

Nenad Stanić

CEO , M&B Development director

Ranko Jurjević

Art director

Petar Dujič 

Telpro Project Manager

Irena Dujić 

PA &  Admin executive assistant

Ozren Čolić 

Business Development assistant

Katarina Krstić

Brand executive assistent  

CC Project manager assistant - TelPro